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 About Snew

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she/they 1999

Hi I'm Snew AKA @Snewdraws :3 I am an autistic, mixed Indian/British artist who lives in Australia. I love to create worlds and characters. I also love to engage with other artists and learn about their creations! I value the art community and the connection between artists, I believe it is what makes art special.


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Currently Watching: House of Dragons
Currently Reading: Witch Hat Ateliar
Currently Playing: Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary, Zelda TOTK, Mario Wonder, Animal Crossing NH

Site Updates (day/month/year format)

i infrequently update this section, check out my Neocities Profile for more frequent updates :)

[23/05/2024] new bookshelf page

[14/03/2024] Made my catfolk webring

[07/03/2024] New art, updated Izutsumi Shrine

[03/03/2024] added hand-drawn emotes to Snew's Thoughts, added an RSS feed

[29/02/2024] uploaded my partial review to bookbug, added a new background to critter garden

[26/02/2024] added more buttons to home, fixed formatting for art resources

[19/02/2024] Made the Sootball page, additions to my Collectables

[14/02/2024] New thought about "Modern Social Media"

[10/02/2024] Updated my shrine pages and re-designed my Interest List page.

[05/02/2024] Made a new Art Inspiration page for my favourite artists, gradually adding more of my fav films to this page too.

[28/01/2024] Added a new "featured art" on my main page (see above!)

[28/01/2024] Added a chatbox

[27//01/2024] Added a section to collect buttons from my followers :) Thank you for your interest in my site!

[15/01/2024] New time-lapses and artworks in snew's studio

[01/01/2024] Added a new page Pokemon Card Collection

[28/12/2023] Updated various art and my button.

[21/12/2023] Working on a new blog page & added a blinkies section to my home page :)

[26/11/2023] Updated Snew's Studio to be mobile friendly and changed the layout.

[31/08/2023] Uploaded a new timelapse onto Snew's Studio

[21/08/2023] Currently working on a HTML-based dress-up game for my fursona!

[12/08/2023] The birth of my website



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β€£ HTML template made by nonkiru
β€£ Pixel art of the Catgirl and Dragon by me
β€£ Background is from Glasmar/Impressive Title
β€£ When possible, I link images back to their source
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